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Words containing 于:

There are 2 words starting with 于 and at least 2 other words containing 于 in this database. The average frequency of words in the database containing this character is rank lightblue low

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Other characters containing 于 as a component:

There are 35 character descriptions containing a reference to this character of which 20 so far have been determined to contain this as a phonetic component. The average frequency of all characters in the database containing this component is rank yellow medium

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Simp Trad Pinyin English Semantic Phonetic Frequency Words
𢖳 𢖳 rank darkblue 0
rank darkblue 0
kua1 to boast rank darkblue 2
wu1 rank darkblue 0
wu1 dirty rank darkblue 0
xu1 stare rank darkblue 0
xu1 rank darkblue 0
xu1 hush rank darkblue 3
yu1 literal-minded rank lightblue 2
yu1 twist rank darkblue 0
yu2 rank darkblue 0
yu2 1/2 pr stone rank darkblue 0
yu2 a state in Henan province rank darkblue 0
yu2 summer sacrifice for rain rank orange 0
yu2 rank yellow 0
yu2 container rank lightblue 3
yu2 (mus. instr.) rank lightblue 0
yu3 universe rank orange 7
yu4 Colocasia antiquorum rank orange 4
yuan2 therefore 𠬪 rank yellow 0

Semantic or reference:
Simp Trad Pinyin English Semantic Phonetic Frequency Words
e4 startle rank darkblue 0
hu1 to shout rank yellow 14
kui1 deficiency rank yellow 8
ping2 level rank red 17
wu1 filth rank yellow 13
yu2 at rank darkblue 19
yue4 Cantonese rank yellow 1

Other: (Back to top)
Simp Trad Pinyin English Semantic Phonetic Frequency Words
ku4 rank darkblue 0
xu1 dawn rank darkblue 0
yu1 rank lightblue 0
yu1 rank darkblue 0
yu2 tub rank darkblue 0
yu2 alms bowl small bell rank darkblue 0

Other (no pinyin data available): (Back to top)
Simp Trad Semantic Phonetic Frequency Words
𨢮 𨢮 rank darkblue 0
𥏼 rank darkblue 0
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Some common words starting with 于: (Back to top)
Simp Trad Pinyin English Frequency
于田 yu2tian2 Yutian rank lightblue
于第十 yu2di4shi2 tenthly rank darkblue

Other common words containing 于: (Back to top)
Simp Trad Pinyin English Frequency
单于 chan2yu2 chief rank yellow
加缨于 jia1ying1yu2 thrum rank darkblue