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Words containing 兒:

There are 11 words starting with 兒 and at least 14 other words containing 兒 in this database. The average frequency of words in the database containing this character is rank orange high

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Other characters containing 兒 as a component:

There are 22 character descriptions containing a reference to this character of which 16 so far have been determined to contain this as a phonetic component. The average frequency of all characters in the database containing this component is rank lightblue low

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Simp Trad Pinyin English Semantic Phonetic Frequency Words
𧡎 𧡎 rank darkblue 0
𠩫 𠩫 rank darkblue 0
na2 rank lightblue 0
ni2 rank lightblue 0
ni2 rainbow rank lightblue 3
ni2 rank darkblue 0
ni2 teeth grown in old age rank lightblue 0
ni2 (surname) rank yellow 1
ni2 the crossbar at end of carriage poles rank darkblue 0
ni2 a new-born child the whimper of an infant rank darkblue 0
ni2 Cryptobranchus japonicus rank lightblue 0
ni2 a state in Shandong province rank darkblue 0
ni2 rank darkblue 0
ni2 鹿 rank darkblue 0
ni4 look askance rank darkblue 1
yi4 rank darkblue 0

Semantic or reference:

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Simp Trad Pinyin English Semantic Phonetic Frequency Words
er2 forced laughter rank darkblue 0
ni2 rank darkblue 0
ni4 parapet rank darkblue 0
xi4 feud rank lightblue 0
yi3 rank darkblue 0
yi4 hawk rank darkblue 0
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Some common words starting with 兒: (Back to top)
Simp Trad Pinyin English Frequency
儿童 er2tong2 child rank red
儿子 er2zi5 son rank red
儿女 er2nu:3 child rank orange
儿媳妇 er2xi2fu4 daughterin-law rank yellow
儿茶酚 er2cha2fen1 catechin rank yellow
儿戏 er2xi4 playgame rank lightblue
儿茶 er2cha2 catechu rank lightblue
儿科 er2ke1 childrens medicine rank lightblue
儿童节 er2tong2jie2 Childrens Day rank lightblue
儿媳 er2xi2 daughter-in-law rank darkblue
儿科学 er2ke1xue2 pedology rank darkblue

Other common words containing 兒: (Back to top)
Simp Trad Pinyin English Frequency
这儿 zher4 here rank red
那儿 nar4 there rank red
女儿 nu:3er2 daughter rank red
事儿 shi4er5 thing rank orange
婴儿 ying1er2 infant rank orange
幼儿 you4er2 cheeper rank orange
哪儿 na3er2 where rank orange
托儿所 tuo1er2suo3 nursery rank yellow
胎儿 tai1er2 fetus rank yellow
今儿 jinr1 today rank yellow
玩儿 wan2er2 to play rank yellow
一点儿 yi1dianr3 a bit rank orange
老头儿 lao3tou2er5 old man rank orange
一会儿 yi2hui4er2 a while rank yellow
大伙儿 da4huo3er2 buddies rank yellow
笛卡儿 di2ka3er2 descartes rank yellow
没事儿 mei2shi4er5 no problem rank yellow
冰棍儿 bing1gun4er5 popsicle rank yellow
新生儿 xin1sheng1er2 neonatus rank yellow
男孩儿 nan2hair2 boy rank yellow
老伴儿 lao3banr4 of an old married couple husband or wife rank lightblue
媳妇儿 xi2fu5er2 young married woman rank lightblue