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Words containing 命:

There are 7 words starting with 命 and at least 9 other words containing 命 in this database. The average frequency of words in the database containing this character is rank red very high

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Other characters containing 命 as a component:

There are 1 character descriptions containing a reference to this character. The average frequency of all characters in the database containing this component is rank orange high

Semantic or reference:
Simp Trad Pinyin English Semantic Phonetic Frequency Words
ling4 order rank orange 12

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Some common words starting with 命: (Back to top)
Simp Trad Pinyin English Frequency
命令 ming4ling4 to order rank red
命题 ming4ti2 proposition rank red
命名 ming4ming2 name rank orange
命运 ming4yun4 fate rank yellow
命脉 ming4mai4 lifeline rank yellow
命根 ming4gen1 life-giver rank darkblue
命令键 ming4ling4jian4 command key rank darkblue

Other common words containing 命: (Back to top)
Simp Trad Pinyin English Frequency
革命 ge2ming4 revolution rank red
生命 sheng1ming4 life rank red
寿命 shou4ming4 life expectancy rank orange
革命军 ge2ming4jun1 Revolutionary Army rank orange
任命 ren4ming4 to appoint rank orange
使命 shi3ming4 mission rank orange
生命力 sheng1ming4li4 vitality rank orange
性命 xing4ming4 life rank yellow
革命家 ge2ming4jia1 revolutionist rank yellow
致命 zhi4ming4 fatal rank yellow
救命 jiu4ming4 to save a life rank yellow
反革命 fan3ge2ming4 counter-revolutionary rank red
大革命 da4ge2ming4 great revolution rank orange
维他命 wei2ta1ming4 vitamin rank yellow
无生命 wu2sheng1ming4 lifeless rank darkblue