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Words containing 工:

There are 11 words starting with 工 and at least 14 other words containing 工 in this database. The average frequency of words in the database containing this character is rank red very high

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Other characters containing 工 as a component:

There are 65 character descriptions containing a reference to this character of which 24 so far have been determined to contain this as a phonetic component. The average frequency of all characters in the database containing this component is rank orange high
Simp Trad Pinyin English Semantic Phonetic Frequency Words
𦏺 𦏺 rank darkblue 0
𨾊 𨾊 rank darkblue 0
𢀜 𢀜 rank darkblue 0
gang1 vat rank yellow 4
gang1 tire of wheel band rank lightblue 0
gang1 footbridge rank lightblue 5
gong1 accomplishment rank red 21
gong1 to attack rank orange 15
gong3 secure rank darkblue 0
gong3 secure rank lightblue 2
gong4 gifts rank yellow 4
hong2 rainbow rank yellow 7
hong2 rank darkblue 0
hong2 rank darkblue 0
hong2 confusion rank darkblue 0
hong2 red rank red 18
hong2 rank darkblue 0
jiang1 river rank red 18
jiang1 rank darkblue 0
kang2 carry_on one's shoulder rank lightblue 2
kong1 empty rank red 20
qiong2 mound rank darkblue 1
tong2 together rank lightblue 0
xiang4 back of neck rank red 12

Semantic or reference:
Simp Trad Pinyin English Semantic Phonetic Frequency Words
𧝑 𧝑 rank darkblue 0
𢒫 𢒫 rank darkblue 0
𤕦 𤕦 rank darkblue 0
ju4 huge rank orange 10
quan2 entire rank red 15
ren2 9th heavenly stem rank lightblue 2
wu1 witch rank yellow 6
𡨄 𡨄 xia3 rank darkblue 0
ya4 Asia rank red 26

Other: (Back to top)
Simp Trad Pinyin English Semantic Phonetic Frequency Words
cha1 to lack 𠂹 rank red 16
chuan2 boat rank darkblue 0
en4 rank darkblue 0
gong3 mercury rank darkblue 5
gong4 fly rank darkblue 0
hong1 rays rank darkblue 0
hong2 red rank darkblue 0
hong2 bake rank darkblue 0
hong2 used in a female name rank darkblue 0
jiao4 character used in place names rank darkblue 0
jing1 flowing water rank lightblue 0
kong3 frightened 𢀜 rank orange 11
qiang1 stone bridge stepping stones rank darkblue 0
qiao3 skillful rank orange 14
shi4 style rank red 16
寿 shou4 long life rank orange 15
wen3 steady rank orange 12
xun2 to seek rank orange 11
yin3 concealed 3 𨸏 rank orange 10
yin3 rank darkblue 0
yin3 careful 𤔌 rank darkblue 0
yin3 rank darkblue 0
yin4 rank darkblue 0
zhan3 rank darkblue 0
zhu2 rank darkblue 0
zhu2 five-string lute 𢀜 rank orange 0
zuo3 left 𠂇 rank orange 8

Other (no pinyin data available): (Back to top)
Simp Trad Semantic Phonetic Frequency Words
𤔌 𤔌 𠬪 rank darkblue 0
𢥛 𢥛 rank darkblue 0
rank darkblue 0
𨽌 𨽌 rank darkblue 0
𢀩 𢀩 rank darkblue 0
Some common words starting with 工: (Back to top)
Simp Trad Pinyin English Frequency
工作 gong1zuo4 job rank red
工人 gong1ren2 servants rank red
工业 gong1ye4 industry rank red
工程 gong1cheng2 project rank red
工商 gong1shang1 industry and commerce rank red
工厂 gong1chang3 factory rank red
工具 gong1ju4 tool rank red
工艺 gong1yi4 technics rank red
工资 gong1zi1 wage rank red
工作者 gong1zuo4zhe3 worker rank red
工会 gong1hui4 labor union rank red

Other common words containing 工: (Back to top)
Simp Trad Pinyin English Frequency
加工 jia1gong1 finish a product rank red
职工 zhi2gong1 worker rank red
施工 shi1gong1 to start construction rank red
人工 ren2gong1 artificial rank red
化工 hua4gong1 chemical engineering rank red
分工 fen1gong1 division of labour rank red
罢工 ba4gong1 to go on strike rank orange
手工业 shou3gong1ye4 handicrafts industry rank orange
轻工业 qing1gong1ye4 light industry rank orange
手工 shou3gong1 craftmanship rank orange
劳工 lao2gong1 labor rank orange
学徒工 xue2tu2gong1 apprentice rank lightblue
临时工 lin2shi2gong1 Temporary rank lightblue
清洁工 qing1jie2gong1 cleaner rank lightblue
板金工 ban3jin1gong1 metaler rank darkblue
水泥工 shui3ni2gong1 cementer rank darkblue
农民工 nong2min2gong1 peasant worker rank darkblue
印刷工 yin4shua1gong1 typo rank darkblue
煤矿工 mei2kuang4gong1 pitman rank darkblue
石细工 shi2xi4gong1 stonework rank darkblue