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Words containing 考:

There are 11 words starting with 考 and at least 7 other words containing 考 in this database. The average frequency of words in the database containing this character is rank orange high

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Other characters containing 考 as a component:

There are 1 character descriptions containing a reference to this character. The average frequency of all characters in the database containing this component is rank darkblue very low

Semantic or reference:

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Simp Trad Pinyin English Semantic Phonetic Frequency Words
kao3 rank darkblue 0
Some common words starting with 考: (Back to top)
Simp Trad Pinyin English Frequency
考虑 kao3lv4 to consider rank red
考察 kao3cha2 investigate rank red
考试 kao3shi4 exam rank orange
考核 kao3he2 to assess rank orange
考验 kao3yan4 to test rank orange
考量 kao3liang4 to consider rank orange
考古 kao3gu3 archeologist rank orange
考证 kao3zheng4 to settle rank orange
考查 kao3cha2 investigate rank yellow
考生 kao3sheng1 exam student rank yellow
考虑到 kao3lv4dao4 to consider rank yellow

Other common words containing 考: (Back to top)
Simp Trad Pinyin English Frequency
参考 can1kao3 reference rank red
思考 si1kao3 to consider rank orange
兰考 lan2kao3 Lankao rank orange
报考 bao4kao3 enter oneself for an examination rank yellow
参考书 can1kao3shu1 reference rank yellow
段考 duan4kao3 stage exam rank yellow
高考 gao1kao3 university entrance exam rank yellow
招考 zhao1kao3 employment test rank lightblue
查考 cha2kao3 delve rank lightblue
重考 chong2kao3 reexamination rank lightblue
备考 bei4kao3 (an appendixnoteetc) for reference rank lightblue
自参考 zi4can1kao3 self-reference rank darkblue