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Words containing 船:

There are 11 words starting with 船 and at least 15 other words containing 船 in this database. The average frequency of words in the database containing this character is rank yellow medium

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Some common words starting with 船: (Back to top)
Simp Trad Pinyin English Frequency
船舶 chuan2bo2 ships rank red
船只 chuan2zhi1 vessels rank orange
船队 chuan2dui4 fleet (of ships) rank orange
船员 chuan2yuan2 shipman rank yellow
船长 chuan2zhang3 shipmaster rank yellow
船务 chuan2wu4 shipping service rank yellow
船工 chuan2gong1 boater rank yellow
船舱 chuan2cang1 cabin rank yellow
船上 chuan2shang4 aboard rank yellow
船夫 chuan2fu1 bargee rank yellow
船台 chuan2tai2 slipway rank lightblue

Other common words containing 船: (Back to top)
Simp Trad Pinyin English Frequency
轮船 lun2chuan2 streamship rank orange
渔船 yu2chuan2 fishing-boat rank orange
小船 xiao3chuan2 boat rank orange
商船 shang1chuan2 merchantship rank orange
装船 zhuang1chuan2 shipment rank yellow
帆船 fan2chuan2 sail rank yellow
渡船 du4chuan2 ferry rank yellow
飞船 fei1chuan2 airship rank yellow
兵船 bing1chuan2 warship rank yellow
油船 you2chuan2 tanker rank yellow
货船 huo4chuan2 cargoboat rank yellow
挖泥船 wa1ni2chuan2 dredger rank yellow
气垫船 qi4dian4chuan2 hovermarine rank lightblue
捕鲸船 bu3jing1chuan2 whale catcher rank lightblue
货柜船 huo4gui4chuan2 containership rank darkblue
破冰船 po4bing1chuan2 breader rank darkblue
平底船 ping2di3chuan2 ponton rank darkblue
走私船 zou3si1chuan2 smuggler rank darkblue
横帆船 heng2fan1chuan2 square-rigger rank darkblue