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Words containing 醇:

There are 2 words starting with 醇 and at least 7 other words containing 醇 in this database. The average frequency of words in the database containing this character is rank yellow medium

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No other characters contain this character as a component or reference.

Some common words starting with 醇: (Back to top)
Simp Trad Pinyin English Frequency
醇化 chun2hua4 alcoholize rank darkblue
醇胺 chun2an4 hydramine rank darkblue

Other common words containing 醇: (Back to top)
Simp Trad Pinyin English Frequency
乙醇 yi3chun2 ethanol rank yellow
甲醇 jia3chun2 methyl alcohol rank yellow
丁醇 ding1chun2 butanol rank yellow
固醇 gu4chun2 sterol rank yellow
丙醇 bing3chun2 propanol rank lightblue
蛙醇 wa1chun2 ranol rank darkblue
乙二醇 yi3er4chun2 ethanediol rank yellow
胆固醇 dan3gu4chun2 cholesterin rank yellow
甘露醇 gan1lu4chun2 mannitol rank lightblue
迈诺醇 mai4nuo4chun2 manool rank darkblue