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Discussion of the character 接

This is the place to discuss the character receive; continue; catch; connect. Click the tabs above for more information. Feel free to post any thoughts or questions you have about this character.

5 Responses to “Discussion of the character 接”

  1. Eli Riexinger Says:

    That is amazing. Did you have to go to college to find out to do this stuff? Really cool.

  2. Bright Outlook Says:

    Didn’t learn this stuff in college. In fact I don’t think most colleges teach this stuff.

    Just a hobbyist with a passion for knowledge….

  3. Daniil Says:

    And what materials do you use, have used? I see in one video about Richard Sear he used a book with a lot of pictures like this (he have another site like this, and there was said that there’re just 3 sites about ch.’s etymology), perhaps you with him use some litreture taken in China? is something like this in Japane? I was wondered when knew that almost all asion people don’t know this etymology, no litreture, no learning at school!! Thus I don’t know what’s going on there and want to know very much. Although I know someth. about Japanese culture and know about thear love to thear language good. I just thought it’s impossibly to learn – and unimaginable relating culture volumes – it without etymology of graphic part of words.

  4. Daniil Says: want you with him to team up for working with one site.

  5. Bright Outlook Says:

    Hi Daniil,

    Thanks for your comments. There are more than three sites about Chinese etymology, but Richard Sears’ site is the big one. I have links on my “References” tabs to his site and others.

    You are right that there is not a lot of mainstream information about character development. That is why I started this site. Richard and I are pursuing complementary goals in looking for the origins and meanings of the Chinese characters.

    What are your goals in studying Chinese characters?

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