New additions

This week, I’ve updated the data on the site. Many characters now have added information. In fact, there is now etymological and mnemonic information for all of the top 1000 characters.

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2 Responses to “New additions”

  1. Till Says:


    This site is great!
    I love the additional information of “Mnemonic” and “Etymology Notes”.
    There’s nothing like that on the net so far.
    Go on!

  2. Bright Outlook Says:


    Thanks for the show of support. I’m glad you’ve benefited from the time I’ve put into the features you mention.

    There actually are a few sites like this on the net already. However, I’m using the latest available research to try to find the most accurate, helpful information on each character. Expect to see updates from time to time.

    With regard to the other web sites I referred to, please check out the “Resources” link on each character’s page. There are links to other sites that contain relevant (although not always accurate) information. I’ll be adding more links to each page as time goes on.

    Bright Outlook

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